The world of sports betting can be seen as an El Dorado: sitting on your sofa with a beer and chips, you can imagine yourself winning money by betting on your favourite team.

You’ve probably heard that the long-term winning rate of bettors is around 3% to 5%.

So why has the number of bettors been steadily increasing over the last 10 years (opening of online sports betting platforms)? Why is there so much interest in sports betting? How can you be one of the winners? That’s what we’ll be looking at in this article.

As you may have noticed at the beginning of your sports betting career, it is difficult to generate regular winnings. The life of a bettor is not a smooth one: there are often nice winning streaks (when you think you’ve found the miracle method) and then a string of losing bets. Your bankroll is like a rollercoaster and you realise at the end of the month that you have made a meagre profit or even worse, you have ended the month in the red.

Beyond the player psychology that we will discuss in this article, there are several reasons why most players lose in sports betting:

Betting for fun (in scratch mode on Sunday morning)
Lack of strategy
Looking for the jackpot
Betting on small odds
Making combination bets
Looking to make up for it

Betting for fun (Sunday morning scratch cards)

The majority of punters bet money on a sporting event for fun and relaxation. Every day we all face many challenges, both in our private and professional lives. So we try to relax and escape from reality in any way we can, with the added bonus of being able to make ends meet.

If you are in this situation, it is likely that you are betting small amounts on a regular basis without any real profit.

Lack of strategy

Let’s face it, you can’t win every time. If you want to be in profit at the end of the month, the strategy you adopt must allow you to absorb your losses. This is the key to success.
Let’s take a very simple example: if you bet for a month on identical odds (for the example) at 2.25, then your success rate must be at least 44.44% if you want to start making a profit.

No matter what strategy you use, even if you don’t have one, you need to be above this rate.

Bettors who bet for fun often have no strategy, they bet by feel and knowledge, which is a no-no.

The search for the jackpot

Many players think they can become millionaires by playing sports betting. This is extremely rare. After all, you can think of this world as a lottery: bet €10 on a 10-match combination with final odds of 15,000.

You’re going to have to bet a lot before you get a winning ticket. This is the best way to go bankrupt.

Betting on small odds

There are many punters who bet large sums on small odds thinking that they will be profitable in the long run. This is not a good method as your success rate needs to be close to perfect to be profitable.

Take the example of Real Madrid, whose odds are often 1.10: your success rate must be over 91% if you want to be positive. If you are betting on 10 matches: one losing ticket can wipe out your efforts even if the other 9 are winners.

Making combinations

This is the most common mistake in the business: making combination bets. It’s true that bookmakers encourage you to do this, for example, unibet offers boosted odds from 3 matches in a betting slip. This is normal because the probability of your ticket winning is divided by 3! As a reminder, you are betting on a sport and therefore on human beings, the part of chance and uncertainty exists.

Do the test with a small bankroll by betting a few cents on 3 odds combinations at 1.10

You will be surprised by the success rate and by your bankroll which will decrease little by little.

Another disadvantage of this method is that you have to make a lot of bets to make up for your losses.

Looking to rebound

Usually, after a few losses, bettors will try to recover by betting what is left of their bankroll on an event with small odds. This will work once or twice, and then disaster strikes, their bankroll will disappear on the next ticket.

As you can see, it is an illusion to think that you will win in sports betting without having a strategy. This is the trap that the 95% of losing players fall into. By betting a few euros on your favourite sport and making combined bets with small odds you have all the ingredients to go bankrupt.

However, if you want to be one of the 5% of winning bettors, if you see sports betting as an investment and you are willing to use a tailor-made strategy that has proven and continues to prove itself, then we advise you to use the MAJENI method with 15 days free.