The dangers of a sports betting run

The number one risk of a sports betting climb is the loss of 100% of the winnings.

According to several sources, it is estimated that only 2% of people win money with sports betting.

This means that you need to manage your bankroll carefully, reliably and efficiently over the long term.

The upside can make you win big, but you can lose all your profits in an instant.

There is an element of uncertainty in sports betting: who hasn’t lost a ticket with odds of 1.20 that didn’t pass?

What is a betting run?

A mount in sports betting consists of betting the entire winnings of the previous ticket.

For example, I bet €10 on odds of 1.5: if I win, I play my entire ticket on a second match, i.e. €15 etc…

Montante or martingale?

There are several differences between a montante and a martingale:

The montante is a system based on winning tickets where I replay 100% of my winnings
Martingale is a losing ticket system until the winning ticket: if I lose a bet, I play a second bet with a higher stake.

The capital played at each level is not the same:

Montante: 100% of the winnings are bet on the next ticket
Martingale: if a ticket loses, the bet on the next ticket will be increased (x2 for example)

Are montantes banned by bookmakers?

No, the monte is not banned by the bookmakers. It is a system where the bettor can lose all his winnings to the bookmaker. So at that level, the method is beneficial for the bookmaker. It is up to the bettor to manage his emotions and control his risks in a monte.

Is martingale or montante legal?

In sports betting, these systems are feasible unlike roulette in the casino where it is formally prohibited.

The role of the ARJEL

The ARJEL is an independent administrative authority (AAI) created by the law relating to the opening to competition and the regulation of the online gambling sector n° 2010-476 of 12 May 2010.

In a European political and legal context in which online gambling policies are under discussion, with a high degree of heterogeneity in national legislation, France has chosen a gambling policy that is unprecedented in Europe, with the implementation of a legislative system that aims to ensure

the protection of consumers and vulnerable populations
the security and sincerity of gambling operations through the supervision of betting and the recognition of an exploitation right benefiting the organisers of sporting events
economic equilibrium by combating fraud (particularly illegal sites) and money laundering
taxation: levy on bets redistributed, in part, to the horse racing and sports sectors

The online gaming market open to competition concerns three distinct sectors

horse betting
sports betting
poker games

The ARJEL is the pillar of a qualitative regulation which aims at serving the State’s objectives in terms of gaming policy.


Winnings capped by the operators

With an extreme example of a combined bet of €300 on odds of 5000, you could theoretically pocket 300 x 5000 = €1,500,000!

Except that the payout limits are there to prevent such events from happening per bet.

In 2020, here are the limits of the main bookmakers for a bet, from the most generous to the most restrictive:

Betstars €1,000,000
Bwin €250,000
Betclic €200,000
Winamax €200,000
Parionsweb €150,000
Pmu logo €100,000
Unibet logo €100,000
Netbet sport logo €20,000
Zebet logo €15,000
FrancePari logo €10,000


You can generally find this data in the betting rules available on each site, but it is interesting to note the strong disparity between each bookmaker.

Don’t worry on our side because our investment strategy will focus on bets with odds around 4, which means that you can bet up to €50,000 per bet on Betclic for example.

Operators regulated by the ARJEL

French law requires operators to pay out a maximum of €85 to winning players for every €100 wagered on their site, as the remaining €15 is to be split between government levies and the bookmaker’s commission.

This is one of the reasons why the odds on ARJEL sites are on average lower than on foreign sites, which further reduces your potential profit.

What is the bet limit for a rising bet?

Knowing that the risk of losing everything is high for a rising bet, it is preferable to start with a small bet (€10 for example). You can set a threshold so as not to exceed a certain amount to bet, for example €1000. The notion of a threshold is essential to execute the method without getting carried away by emotions.

Maximum stake in sports betting

This depends on the bookmakers and the profile of the bettor.

Sports betting win limits

We often wonder how to break the win limits that bookmakers put on your sports bets. This will quickly concern you once you have made a long series of successful bets and your bankroll will only increase.

The bookmakers want to stop good punters from ruining them by playing a lot and therefore winning a lot too, so I’ll give you some simple tips on how to avoid these limits and why they exist.

When you have bet a few hundred or even a few thousand euros, you will surely be limited in your winnings. Here are two possibilities to avoid being limited.

1. Keep your bankroll as long as possible

If the money is in your bank account, it is lost to the bookmaker, but if you keep it in your betting account, it is possible to lose it.

2. Add a combo

The bookmaker believes that your probability of losing in a combination is higher so he will revise the win limit accordingly and allow you to place your bet. There is nothing to stop you selecting a bet with a very high probability (odds <1.15) and adding our selection.

This will obviously increase your risk of losing, but it’s up to you to find the right odds to win your combination.

Let’s be honest, the limits in sports betting are not there to protect punters from addiction but to protect bookmakers from going bankrupt by preventing good punters from taking too much money away from them.

Do I need a mini bankroll for a rising one?

You can start with any bankroll you like, depending on your ambitions. You can start with €10 with the aim of reaching €100, which would mean finding a total of €10 spread over several matches.

Everything you need to succeed in a sports betting climb

1/Always spread the risk by betting between 1 and 10% of your maximum bankroll each time.
This behaviour is to be followed permanently, except when you benefit from certain bonuses at registration. Don’t play with emotions, so leave out your favourite team or your hated club in your selections: This takes away your main asset, your objectivity.

2/Limit combination bets: Bookmakers know that when you regularly place combination bets your chances of making money in the long run are low. In our case, these are to be positioned to increase your total odds to around 4 (but don’t be tempted by an extra bet with an odds of 1.15 which could lose you your martingale.

3/Avoid live betting: Placing a bet on a match in progress involves too little analysis time, with too much risk and emotion involved. This leads you to make the wrong decision. Remember that operators always offer lower live odds than pre-match odds. In the long run, live betting is not profitable.

4/Register on several betting sites: This way, you can compare the odds offered on our matches in order to optimize your investments, adding to this all the welcome offers.

5/Don’t just play on 1N2, other types of bets with only 2 possible outcomes (as opposed to 3 for 1N2) can be more sensible. For example, the number of goals scored or the double chance are our favourite ways of increasing our odds.

Which sports should be used for a climb?

You can place a bet on any sport (tennis, football, rugby, ping-pong, billiards, etc.). All you have to do is apply your strategy carefully and above all not let your emotions get the better of you. Easier said than done…

That’s why we want to help you on our website

Example of a mount in sports betting

Table of a 7-level climb for 3-level ribs or a football draw :

Cumulative betBetOddwinNet win% Profitability
Climb n° 14€4€312€8€200%
Climb n° 210€6€318€8€80%
Climb n° 320€10€330€10€50%
Climb n° 435€15€345€10€29%
Climb n° 557,5€22,5€367,5€10€17%
Climb n° 692,5€35€3105€12,5€14%
Climb n° 7142,5€50€3150€7,5€5%