In this article, we will address a question that is often asked by members of our community: “Should you declare your sports betting winnings to the tax authorities?

It’s a nice question because it means that you are part of the 3 to 5% of bettors in France who manage to make profits in the long term.

After several weeks of using MAJENI, this question is legitimate.

The answer will depend on your betting profile, the amount of your winnings and especially their regularity.

You do not have to worry if you are in these cases of figure:

In most cases, you will not have to declare your winnings because sports betting (in the broadest sense) is considered to be a game of chance and its outcomes are not predictable (just like horse betting)
If, like most punters, you play small amounts on an occasional basis, you have nothing to worry about
If you exceptionally make a large win (there is no exact amount specified by the tax authorities), you will not be concerned by the tax system either.

However, if you are one of those people who manage to generate substantial and regular gains, you should report them on your tax return.

There are precisely 3 situations where you will be taxed:

If you are a professional bettor with a company set up for the purpose of betting, then your winnings will be taxed.
If your winnings are regular, you may be concerned. Indeed, if the tax authorities realise that you have a transfer from a bookmaker that arrives on a regular basis, then you will certainly have to pay tax on it.
If your winnings from sports betting are greater than your main source of income (salary, pension, etc.) then they will be taxed as non-commercial profits (BNC). We strongly recommend that you declare this amount in your next tax return.

The tax rate will be determined on a case-by-case basis according to the usual elements (taxable amount, family quota, etc.)

Good to know: The tax authorities tax winnings from certain games such as poker or bridge “because the practice of the game is not based on pure chance, but on control and strategy”.

The MAJENI method tends to be similar to poker because the approach to predictions is no longer based on chance but on a global method, which by its algorithm and bankroll management considerably reduces the randomness.

To sum up on taxes and sports betting

You will only be concerned by taxes if you have a regular and consequent income.

No precise amount has been communicated yet to know if you are above or below this amount.

If you are in this situation and your earnings are regular, we advise you not to withdraw them from your bank account in the usual way (for example, do not make an automatic transfer of €2,000 every 5th of the month) as this would attract the attention of the tax authorities.

Finally, at the time of writing (05/08/2021), sports betting sites using cryptocurrencies are on the rise.

The advantages are numerous: advantageous and secure transactions, but you also have the possibility to bet in total anonymity because the transactions are associated with your wallet on which your personal data are not disclosed.