Sure Bet is a 100% safe method! As the name suggests, it is a betting technique that guarantees you a profit every time you can apply it. With Surebet you are always a winner, no matter what the outcome of the sporting event is.

Surebet is a technique whose sole purpose is to make money. Therefore, those who bet out of passion for sports are not interested in it because they do not find it profitable. On the other hand, those whose sole aim is to make a profit are the ones who are interested in Surebet.

A Surebet consists of taking advantage of the differences in odds between different sports betting sites for the same event. Since there are so many bookmakers on the Internet, there are often very large odds differences, which gives you great Surebet opportunities. In order to do a Surebet, you need to be registered with several online betting sites. If you are not yet registered, please go to the bookmakers section.

A Surebet is possible with any type of bet, as long as you can cover all possible outcomes. To find out if a bet is a Surebet, you need to apply the following formula:

(1 / Odds(a) ) + (1 / Odds(b) ) + (1 / Odds(c) ) < 1

The Sure Bet technique in 3 steps – Example of application

Let’s apply the Surebet technique on a match between Marseille and Bordeaux.

1 – Select the 3 best odds for each possible outcome

Betclic : Marseille win 1.9 draw 3.1 Bordeaux win 4.2
PMU : Victory of Marseille 1.6 draw 3.2 Victory of Bordeaux 6.0
bwin : Victory of Marseille 1.7 draw 3.4 Victory of Bordeaux 4.8

2 – Calculate if this bet is a Surebet or not.

Surebet calculation: (1/1,9) + (1/3,4) + (1/6) = 0,987

This bet is a Surebet because 0.987 < 1

3 – Determine the amount of the bets on each betting site. Let’s start with a budget of €100.

Amount to bet = budget / odds

Marseille win 100 / 1.9 or €52.63
Draw 100 / 3.4 or €29.41
Bordeaux win 100 / 6.0 or €16.66

By doing this, you are guaranteed to win money regardless of the outcome of the match.

A final calculation will determine the amount of your winnings:

Surebet Winnings = Budget – (Surebet Calculation * 100)

This Surebet allows you to make a profit of 100 – (0.987 * 100), i.e. €1.30

When there is no opportunity for a Surebet on a single bet, the fluctuating odds on live bets may allow you to apply this winning technique.