Sure Bet is a 100% safe method! As the name suggests, it is a betting technique that guarantees you a profit every time you can apply it. With Surebet you are always a winner, no matter what the outcome of the sporting event is. Surebet is a technique whose sole purpose is to make money. […]

The dangers of a sports betting run The number one risk of a sports betting climb is the loss of 100% of the winnings. According to several sources, it is estimated that only 2% of people win money with sports betting. This means that you need to manage your bankroll carefully, reliably and efficiently over [...]

In this article, we will address a question that is often asked by members of our community: “Should you declare your sports betting winnings to the tax authorities? It’s a nice question because it means that you are part of the 3 to 5% of bettors in France who manage to make profits in the […]